Northern Bobwhite Solar

This Marion County, Kentucky solar installation is a solar development generating 96 MW of clean energy and is set to begin operation in 2024.

Project Impacts

Northern Bobwhite Solar will generate increased tax revenues for Marion County and will source a significant number of employees from the local and regional communities. Solar facilities can enhance a county’s reputation as an attractive and friendly environment for advanced manufacturing, technology and related jobs. Solar farms are also compatible with agriculture and are fast becoming an important component of long-term farm viability in rural communities.
Northern Bobwhite Solar will be subject to extensive environmental, wildlife and cultural impact reviews through the Kentucky State Siting Board construction certificate process. Solar photovoltaic systems produce no emissions or contaminants, generate no noise outside of the fence line, and the panels are designed to absorb light so there is no glare. The land can be returned to agricultural use after its life as a solar farm making solar a great place-holder for the future. The developer will provide setbacks and vegetative screening to mitigate viewshed impacts to neighbors of the project.
Northern Bobwhite Solar will be a resource for educational opportunities for local students through the developer’s support of the Center for Energy Education (C4EE). The Center for Energy Education has already begun to include Marion County teachers and students in STEM summer camps and unique educational training programs that focus on renewable energy. Look for the C4EE’s mobile classroom in your local community in the near future!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar farms affect surrounding property values?

The Developer is committed to developing projects that take into account the rural character of the surrounding community. To this end, we offer notable setbacks and vegetative screening to mitigate viewshed impacts. In addition, we engage with professional appraisers with extensive experience in the evaluation of data on actual home sales next to solar projects. The findings are that solar facilities have no negative impact on neighboring property values due to their low-impact land use.

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